With the ever changing economic scenarios, it has become crucial for the business firms to embrace a mobile technology. Video conferencing is powerful technology, which facilitates flexibility to its users. Since 2001, the number of companies using audio conferencing have increased and are replacing in-person meetings with web or video conferencing. This new development is a good news for both small and big enterprises.

Businesses today which were using web conferencing only as a temporary option are slowly moving towards regular subscriptions. Employees now days prefer attending meetings over net rather than travelling all the way. This not only cuts down on the time but also save resources. If an employee had to travel from Malaysia to New York, it will not only be time consuming but also resource intensive. Whereas, his man hours can be effectively utilised by the company if the meeting is conducted via web conferencing. Most of the firms are realising the cost effectiveness of web conferencing solutions.

The companies who have opted for this growing technology have experienced profound and effective results. The web video conferencing have changed the way businesses were conducted and people in the industry are readily accepting this new trend. Clients or officials who are located in varied regions can attend meetings and would not miss out on any details.

Information and knowledge are often disseminated at more rapid rates, and collaboration between people occurs more willingly and freely. Students can take advantage of video conferencing to take classes at distant locations that would normally be unavailable. They can also take classes that will accommodate busy schedules. With the help of this technology information and knowledge can be easily shared and at rapid rates.

A face to face interaction can simulate brainstorming, information gathering and knowledge sharing. With this new technology the possibilities of communication and data sharing are endless. Many small and medium size companies also trying to make a switch this technology due to various advantages of video conferencing. Initially a business grade web conferencing was synonymous with expensive IT infrastructure. On the other hand, the truth is with recent innovations the web conferencing affordable than ever. Today in the fast paced scenario no one has time to take interruptions, incoherent sound and interruptions. Currently, even Small and medium enterprises are ready to pay bit more but they are not ready to compromise on the quality.

Web video conferencing opens up a new world of opportunities and these solutions are becoming increasingly viable. Business firms in Malaysia are switching to web conferencing services as these are easily adoptable and helps in boosting company’s revenue.

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The Apple Display Connector, first debuted in the Apple Studio Display, is physically incompatible with a standard DVI connector, as was previously used in the PowerBook G4 and the older Power Mac G4. The Apple DVI to ADC Adapter, which cost $ 149US at launch but is now available for $ 99US, takes USB and DVI connections from the computer, together with power, and combines them into an ADC connection, allowing ADC monitors to be used with DVI-based machines.

The initial implementation of ADC on some models of Power Mac G4s involved the removal of DVI connectors from these computers. This change necessitated a passive ADC to DVI adapter to use a DVI monitor.

The ADC carries up to 100 W of power, an insufficient amount to run most 19-inch or bigger CRTs widely available during ADC’s debut, nor can it run contemporary flat panels marketed for home entertainment (many of which support DVI or VGA connections) without an adapter. The power limit was an important factor for Apple to abandon ADC when it launched the 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display. Power is supplied to the ADC port by a finger connector on the video card, which plugs into a slot on the motherboard between the AGP slot and the back panel of the computer.

On newer displays lacking ADC, Apple still uses a single “ganged cable” that connects the separate signal cables to each other so they cannot tangle. This cable, however, employs standard DVI, power, USB and FireWire connectors, avoiding the problems of its predecessor.


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^ Apple Announces DVI to ADC Adapter – Connects Apple’s Award-Winning Flat-Panel Displays with New PowerBook G4 April 29, 2002

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