Can I use one external hard drive for two different operating systems, and the OS’s Windows 7 and Mac, or Windows XP and Mac? Well, there are a couple of ways to accomplish this. Here I will introduce two circumstances: sharing external hard drive for two computers on two different operating systems, share hard drive on two different operating systems on one computer.

How to share hard drive for two computers on Mac and Windows

Have you ever encountered such problem as me: I bought one external hard drive, and connect it to my sister’s macbook pro, the hard drive can be recognized, but it cannot be written anything after opened it. Then I go to the shop where I bought this drive, the repairman formatted the hard drive under Windows OS, it can be written and read on Mac OS computer, but after I go home, i connect the hard drive to my Windows computer, the drive cannot be recognized. What should I do? Well, I search from the internet, and found one solution.
First, connect the external hard drive to Mac OS computer, backup the important data, then go to Disk Utility, click the erase the disk, then format the hard drive as ExFAX, waiting for the format processing.

Second, prepare the hard drive program (different hard drives have different programs, please prepare according to the model of your hard drive), and Windows updating program (WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-CHS.exe). Then connect the hard drive to Windows OS computer, a window pop up to prompt find new hardware, then find hard drive program to install. If there is no drive under the Windows at this time or the hard drive cannot be recognized, please install the Windows updating program that I mentioned above. Then you will see the content of your hard drive, and the hard drive can be written and read. Now you can transfer movies, songs, photos, documents, etc. between different systems such as Windows 7 and Mac or Windows XP and Mac.

Share hard drive on different systems on one computer

Is there universal partition format can be used on Mac and windows simultaneously? I have an external hard drive, and I have installed Mac OS on my Windows 7 computer, and want to use hard drive on these two operating systems, but I find the NTFS format files under Windows OS cannot be read or written on Mac OS, the files which saved as Mac partition format cannot be read and written under Windows OS. Is there some way to achieve this purpose that can use external hard drive on different systems? Of course, just put the partition of “Mac OS Extended (Journaling)” as the final partition of hard drive, the problem will be solved.

As the installation file of Mac OS is smaller than 8GB, we can do partitions for external hard drive under Mac OS, format the first several partitions as MS DOS mode, and finally format the last partition as Mac format.

So you can access the hard drive except this 8GB partition, and the hard drive can not only be used as startup disk to install Mac, but also it can be used as data storage device that can be accessed by different systems on one computer.

Tips: Before formatting external hard drive, please backup your important data firstly. And if you want to recover files for Mac or Windows, don’t forget to save the recovered files to another device, not the original one.

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Apple iPad is the new ad advanced tablet PC being offered in the market. Recently, Apple has witnessed the release of Apple’s iPad. It is under the event that was not less than a royal launch. It has been by far the most alluring and impressive launched gadgets that have added a feather to its caps, thus making it a client favorite brand.

Apple’s iPad is considered among the most commonly developed model than most of the others what one can imagine. The new Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi is a model that ben launched in the interest of many people. Those who had great expectations and numerous detractors before seeing this fabulous tablet P\C were luckily not disappointed. This Apple iPad is great to look and work with for long and uninterrupted hours.

Talking a detailed look into its specifications, this Apple iPad looks like an iPhone or iPod Touch. It is set composed of 9.7-inches multi-touch capacitive LED display that supports a fabulous resolution of 1024 x 768 resolutions. The screen is set quite wide black and features a bezel designed so as to provide a resting place for the user’s fingers. This further saves the users from facing accidental interaction with the multi-touch display. This fabulous Apple iPad has got to feature a fantastic display 178° viewing angle that is fairly accurate measurement. This helps the users to easily see the screen most every angle imaginable.

The iPad has housed in a unibody piece of aluminum that is located at its sides and back that imparts this device with an industrial design feel. This iPad has also got to feature with latest iMac and MacBook Pro body styles whereas the design is pretty commonplace for Apple products. Giving this iPad a sexy appearance, the small iPad logo has got to feature the storage capacity.

Weighing a mere of 1.5 pounds and is 0.5 inches thick that enables its easy portability to the users. It feels substantial in one’s hands especially when it compares to an e-book reader. Measuring 9.56″ x 7.47″ in height and width, this iPad has got great curves to keep the device safely nestled in the user’s hands. Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi price is set quite reasonable to suit the needs of our valuable clients.

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Electronic gadgets continue to evolve at a blinding speed. For every newly released gadget, there are added functions made available within months after the product launch which purportedly gadgets such as smartphones and tablets capable of handling multiple tasks. However, these innovations would not be possible if not for improvements in circuit board technology. Here some of leading trends in the circuit board industry today.

Circuit boards are typically made up of fiber glass and copper. There are also circuit boards that can be twisted, folded, and rolled up. Flexible circuit boards are made of thin layers of polymer film or carbon with graphite. They are used as interconnection devices for stereos, mobile phones, computers and several other electronic devices. Flex circuit board types include can be single-sided, double-sided, sculptured, multilayered and double access. Because of their durability, small size and visual appeal, flex circuit boards are quite popular among electronic device manufacturers.

The production of circuit boards usually entails a great deal of greenhouse gas emissions. Manufacturers have since found alternatives and have come up with eco-friendly circuit boards that have significantly lower lead components. This way, circuit board manufacturers are able to help efforts at curbing damage to the biosphere. Aside from using eco-friendly materials, manufacturers now rely on green processes such as recycling to avoid too much wastage and disposal of circuit boards. Some prominent electronic companies use eco-friendly liquid solutions in printing circuits.

Circuits with low loss material are also being produced today. Low-loss circuits transmit signals with higher accuracy and are capable of high-performance functions. These are suitable for devices with analog circuits because their performance is dependent on processing signal transmissions.

Circuit boards with micro vias and stacked vias are used for smaller electronic devices such as mobile phones and small computers. These allow electronic devices to perform better and faster without the need for larger sized circuits and interconnectors. As such, they make electronic devices more convenient to use.

OMAP or Open Media Application Platform processors are used in several applications such as mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, and other industrial and electronic devices. This makes wireless electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets capable of handling multimedia functions.

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