It is high time somebody put his foot up and settled this debate once and for all. This has ranged for years together and till date, there has been no fitting conclusion to this. Many have given up on this, and many continue to find a fitting finale to this debate that has made the best of debaters sweat and toil over logic.

When was the last time their benefits, pros and cons were extensively put under debate? Yesterday, perhaps! The thing that both are used extensively across the world sort of instigates a debate every now and then! Linux Web Hosting vs Windows Web Hosting India never seems to cease!

The benefits that come with the Linux Web Hosting include the likes of affordability, extensibility, steadiness, fast running time and less consumption of CPU power for controlling functions. Linux is a free, open source, low cost and UNIX-based operating system. It is the best possible option for the ones looking forward to ne developer friendly environments.

It helps give an enhanced performance. It is flexible, and best suited for fine tuned and task specific configurations. Because of Linux Web Hosting, system administrators have all the liberty they need to configure Linux Servers appropriately.

On the contrary, Windows Web Hosting India has never been that far. It is the most suited form for the .Net framework. In case your website happens to be heavily dependent on the .Net framework or on Visual Basic, there is no better option than Windows Web Hosting India.

Front Page Extensions are provided best through Windows Web Hosting in India. This is the ideal platform to work on applications like Microsoft Front Page. The pages hosted can be d7ynamically database driven. In case you as an end user wish to use dynamic database driven websites, then this is where you put your money.

One of the best things to happen to end users is the control panel being available in both Linux Web hosting and Windows Web Hosting India. This is the panel through which control can be exercised over all options, ensuring it works exactly the way the end user wants it to. Then there is the customized mailbox. This helps a great extent in sending and receiving emails from anybody, at any point of time. There are plenty of options that help enforce maximum security.

It is very easy to take the debate further and as long as aficionados are there, ones with a thing for rhetoric, this debate is probably never going to cease by any measure. It will just go about ranging on and on for a long time, till somebody really gets frustrated and feels like putting an end to it.

The benefits are evident. The fallacies too are pretty clear. There are admirers everywhere, and then there are cynics too. But questions still hover about which suits everything best. There is no verdict on this. The final wager would be the use of each service accordingly, one that suits a given website. Choose options carefully, depending on the need for the moment.

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Each year in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a grand event takes place. Every April at the Oaklawn Park, home of the Racing Festival of the South, thousands of people gather to see this American Thoroughbred horse race. Handicap racing, one of the forms of thoroughbred racing, is when each horse is assigned a different amount of weight to carry based on their ability. In addition to the weight each horse is carrying, they also have other factors that influence the outcome. For example, the talent of the horse trainer or jockey plays a vital role in how well the horse will do. Also, the gender of the horse and his/her personal traits has its own impact. Other factors in the mix are closeness to the inside of the barrier, and the track itself, all these being key components to horse racing. Graded stakes race, a term that describes races that derive their name from the stake, or entrance fee the owners pay. The track also adds to the stake which is paid in prize money to the race’s winners.
Of the 65 thoroughbred race tracks, Oaklawn Park was ranked #9 in 2009. The race began in 1958, was repeated in 1963, and then run every year after that. Until 1973, it was a handicap race. It then became a Graded stakes race. The type of horses in the race are fillies and mares, four years or older. The setting is a left handed dirt track usually 8.5 furlongs or 1 1/16 miles long. Over the years this distance has changed. In 1958, and 1980-2009 it was 8.5 furlongs. In the year 1963 and 1968-1974, it was only 6 furlongs. Between 1975-1979 it was 8.32, and the last one held in 2010, was 9 furlongs.
The owner of Oaklawn Park is Charles J. Cella. He owns the Oaklawn Jockey Club Inc. and operates the track, the business being in his family for three generations. In 2010 Cella announced a new possible change. Winner of the race takes a purse of $ 500,000, and after negotiating with the two leading females in the U.S. in 2009, he offered a purse increase to $ 5 million if the horses, Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta would start in the 2010 race. If both were willing, the race would have been 9 furlongs long. If one was not, the purse would remain $ 500,000 and revert to the original distance of 8.5 furlongs long. Both agreed to Cella’s offer as long as the health of their horses remained well. However, on March 14, 2010, after a race ran by Rachel Alexandra, it was announced she was not in top form to compete in the Apple Blossom Handicap 2010.
The winner of the race in 2010 was Zenyatta, whose jockey, Mike Smith, has also earned ‘Most wins by Jockey’ for this race. He has tallied up six wins in years 1994, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2010. The last two wins were with the horse Zenyatta. One of the horses he rode also took ‘most wins’ – Azeri, winning in years 2002, 2003 and 2004

Lee Lane-Edgar

As there is advancement in the technology, mobile companies have an opportunity to produce latest phones. These mobiles are much different when compared with the existing mobiles. The main reason behind this is that, these mobiles undergo many innovations and then are established. The features that are offered to the people through these mobiles are much-much beneficial that the basic mobiles.

There are huge amount of mobiles are offered to the people in the present scenario. Therefore, there is tuff competition in the mobile market among the mobile companies. Latest phones sustain them to compete with the other competitors. This is because, these mobiles have features like cameras, FMs, organizers and internet facilities and much amazing ones.

The latest phones, which are released now in this mobile world, turn out to be superior and well-organized than the previous one. Some of the features that are offered can be Bluetooth, Internet access, Video recording, camera, FM, touch screen, music player with high sound quality USB, and so on.

These mobiles are tendered by the leading mobile companies like Blackberry, Apple, HTC, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, and so on. Their main aim of these mobiles is to offer best and best features and services to the consumers. Latest phone deals are also offered to the people by the net service suppliers like 3, O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin, T mobile, and so on.

The main of the deals is to offer most up-to-date phones at extremely reasonable price along with phone deals.  These deals come up with free gifts like free mobile insurance, free mobiles, free talk time, no roaming charges, and so on.  Some of the deals that are offered can be SIM free deal, pay as u go deal, and contract deal, pay monthly mobile deals, and so on. These deals are offered to solve some or the other problem.

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