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LifeVantage, an exclusive multilevel company specializing in anti-aging products, is one of the fasting growing businesses online today. This 8 year old company has an MLM structure enabling LifeVantage reps to earn residual cash from building a downline, as well as sell the products. But to be really successful in LifeVantage sales, you need an up-to-date marketing strategy that will generate leads and sales before you run out of money. Simply follow the steps I’ve laid out to point you in the right direction:


Practically every multilevel company out there tells you that all you need to do is approach a few people about your opportunity, and they will carry the ball for you. The sad truth is that there is a 98% fail rate in network marketing (something that has falsely given network marketing a bad name). Regardless of how many people you meet and talk to regularly, the vast majority of those who sign on the dotted line will walk away. You cant count on any of your recruits to stick around. There is one element you can count on, numbers, which leads us to the online recruiting method.


You can begin this step by first creating a blog. With the right training, you will be able to do this without enlisting a professional website designer. You will not need to lay out a lot of money for this, so save your bucks for marketing. Naturally, all LifeVantage distributors have to agree to purchase products on a monthly basis. Those of you who have been in this industry realize that this is so in any MLM business. In addition, marketing expenses must be worked into the budget.


Any successful businessperson knows that it is necessary to contribute monetarily to the business before it turns over the cash. But with the right determination and drive in promoting your blog to establish traffic, youll be turning the red to black in no time! I find that article marketing is the easiest and most cost effective method. All you need to do is to post your articles to your blog as well as article directories. For an extra SEO boost, link a Youtube video to your article. The key here is to get as many links as possible all pointing to your blog.


The expert network marketer uses an “autoresponder”, which is a system that will automatically send follow up emails to your new leads. You can get started with this for a little out lay as only $ 20 per month.

If you should hear about a “LifeVantage scam”, don’t be concerned. Thats just a myth created by people who are afraid of multi-level marketing. But, to tell you the truth, you can’t be certain that an MLM venture won’t be throwing your money away. The bottom line is, this is a business opportunity; and like any other business, you will get out of it what you put into it. The way to benefit in an MLM is the same as developing another business: financial resources plus your own energy expenditure plus perseverance. And, under any circumstances, you should never consider abandoning your mission! With an automatic autoresponder, your prospects will continually be reminded of what you have to offer, whether you’re in the mood to communicate with them or not.

A network marketer at the top of the ladder these days uses online marketing. When marketing with the proper software mechanism and personal aid, you can find pure entertainment in this work! Stop the mindset of marketing the old fashioned way. Discontinue badgering your neighbors or colleagues to look through your catalog. Rejoice in the good fortune that today’s world is one of opportunity where the internet can BENEFIT YOU! Don’t waste your money or time on trying to build your own internet website. Learn the art of attraction marketing, that is, learn how to find the people who are already out there looking for LifeVantage products to look for you!

If these LifeVantage marketing tips seem overwhelming in this short article, youll want to learn step-by-step, absolutely free, how the top earners in Lifevantage are marketing this business and creating massive LifeVantage success.

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Google Android phones and Apple iPhones are the two most stunning mobile computing devices of this era. Both of these operating systems come with powerful features to compete with one another. Google designed the Android operating system with the realization that the future of computing would be in mobile devices. Therefore, they focused on innovating portable mobile devices just as they had done with desktops. The Android operating system can be used on both smart phones as well as tablet PCs. One of the most powerful models running on the Android operating system is the Samsung Galaxy. Most Android phones support multitasking, mobile broadband and an excellent user interface.


However, Apple ventured into the cell phone industry aiming to earn revenue from the smart phone hardware itself. The company later realized the great potential in mobile advertising and acquired AdMob, which was later snatched by Google. In response, Apple acquired AdMob’s biggest competitor Quattro.


In the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the sale of Android phones. The reason is because Android phones come with various features that are not included in Apple’s iPhones. The Android software’s main attraction is its open source. That is, any mobile phone vendor can use and modify the Android Operating System. This is one function that Apple iPhones lack, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Android users can create their own applications to enhance their mobile device according to their preferences. The open source capability of Android phones raises big challenge for iPhones. The Android OS offers the freedom to choose the hardware device such as smart phones, e-book readers and tablet PCs.


According to a Bloomberg news report, Apple sold more than 5 million iPhones after its introduction. A market analysis shows that the iPhone has earned revenue of $ 42.9 billion. Apple’s iPhones also boast 200,000 applications with more than 5 billion downloads. Similar to Apple, Google is achieving success with the release of Android smart phones. According to Google’s Senior Vice President of Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg, there are 160,000 Android phones being activated each day. Although the Android application market is lacking in superiority, it will soon grow to be very competitive with Apple’s app store.


Android’s greatest strength is its SDK, which provides the tools to develop any mobile application. The Android operating system is based on Java, which is very easy to use. In contrast, the application developments for Apple iPhones do not result in much profit for developers. However, Android application developers can use a robust emulator to test the applications without relying on physical hardware.

Google Android phones and Apple iPhones are the two most stunning mobile computing devices of this era.

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