It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Acer has taken a plunge into the Apple-dominated ultrabook fort, what remained unbeatable for a long decade. IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics and home appliance show, held last year in September witnessed the bang pushed by the Aspire S3 Ultrabook. 13.3 inch screen, 0.51 mm thickness, 14.5 Kg weight and robust casing furnished by aluminum /magnesium alloy make it a utopian choice for the mobile professionals.

Processor range from Intel’s Core i3 to Core i7, hard disk from 250 GB to 500 GB, along with support for HDMI, SD card reader, Wi Fi ‘n’ and Bluetooth 4.0 + HSR technology, two USB 2.0 ports and embedded lithium-polymer battery with a power to support above 7 hours of immersive computing bring it closer to MacBook Pro in terms of performance, connectivity and reliability. Speakers with Dolby Home Theater v4 technology is just the icing on the cake for those who don’t want to miss the high-definition large-screen entertainment on the move.

Go through Acer reviews available from trusted tech media portals such as C-net, PC World, PC Magazine, Techradar and other to know the pros and cons associated with the product, in case you are destined to make the purchase. Presence of One-year Limited International Travelers Warranty (ITW) gives you the confidence to flaunt it anywhere. However, issues related to software and hardware compatibility, Internet connectivity and networking, performance, virus and spyware attack, data recovery, etc. are quite common.

At times, you overcome incurred issues in a quick and easy manner using the Windows built-in security and performance tools like Windows Security Center (Windows XP/Vista) or Action Center (Windows 7) that portrays the system health . Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender is the right component to take care of virus and spyware infringement. It can scan, check and remove the nasty software instantly as per demand. Disk Defragmenter and Disc Cleanup are to keep the system memory in a sound condition.

Reckoning the frequent issues Acer Support has come up with a reliable knowledgebase, from where you can learn how to fix those. Don’t you dare to do so? Well, it happens, that’s why the portal sports easy video tutorials to let you drive ahead. Even, you can download drivers, security updates and more to put an end to prevailing issues. Some solutions come in general category while some are quite specific. For better result, you must search the pool using the particular error message or problems that are confronted meanwhile computing.

Everyday can’t be yours, Acer Aspire support is a reliable platform if you stumble upon issues that are beyond your expertise. Whether its need for computer setup, software install and upgrade, virus and spyware removal, or repair and troubleshooting to fix various software and hardware related issues, experts will listen patiently to let you experience the best customer service. They may ask for the remote access of your system or can guide you thoroughly over the phone line to do so. All that you have to do is to call on Acer Support Number.

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Gadgets seem to be the latest must have accessory. Not so long ago whenever you thought of a gadget it might be something such as a video games console or a Hi Fi, but now gadgets are a lot more of an integrated lifestyle product.

Desk gadgets are an area of the gadget industry that is increasingly popular, with everyonewanting ways to work smarter, desk gadgets featuring removable storage plus allowing us to take pleasure from movies, music or photos even as we work. Economies of scale have seen huge reductions in the prices of gadgets and cheap MP3 players are now accessible.

Recently we have seen men’s clothes shops hop on the bandwagon. Quicksilver as an example have created clothes including ‘pod pocket’ designed to hold your MP3 player and route the lead safely,suitable for partaking in active sports !

An area of gadget development which may be of interest to the majority of people is cheap home cinema. Until recently the best way to see a movie was certainly at the cinema where superior sound and picture quality was light years ahead of what many people could experience at home. However there are now many options that will allow you to accomplish this within your own home.

The simplest and cheapest way to get into home cinema is to buy a system, combining speakers, amplifier and DVD player. One of the most popular option is a 5.1 system, a system made up of 5 speakers plus a subwoofer. This will obviously occupy some space, so will not be suited to rooms with only a little space. A far more compact option if there is only a little space is a 2.1 system, with 2 speakers with a subwoofer, plus it will cost you less .

When combining your home cinema system with an entertainment gadget like a games console you can benefit from a totally enhanced gaming experience, why not check out a few of the cheap deals on the Xbox 360 . To get the most out of the system, try hooking up your satellite, cable feed or even your MP3 player.

The final part of the puzzle is your display; this might be an LCD, Plasma, LED TV or possibly a projector, keep in mind that as tempting as some of the generic brands might be, something well featured from a well known brand will usually offer better image quality all be it at a premium price. Check out the latest Samsung TV’s which boast all the latest connections to help you enjoy your home cinema fully.

So that’s a quick look at a few of the latest gadgets which are both functional and fashionable.

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With the advent of computers or more specifically Personal computers, machines such as Typewriters have almost faced a situation equivalent to that of dinosaurs. Computers revolutionised the way humans think and act. They have become an integral part of everyone’s life and today there are limitless possibilities for computer applications in almost all walks and fields of life such as Automation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Aviation, Automobile, Defence and Army and almost every known hemisphere of human dominance. The onset of large scale manufacturing of computer chips and components has pushed open a new window for manufacturers to reduce costs of their computer products and with the reduced cost and wide variety of choice’s users are ever more willing to buy computers.

There are primarily two forms of personal computers in use today which are mainly Desktop PC’s and Laptops or what is nowadays called by the name of Notebooks. Desktops were the initial avatars of computers and they are what that enabled the widespread usage and adaptation of personal computers world wide. Desktops basically consist of a monitor a CPU cabin, Keyboard and a mouse (optical or ball). Other components such as speaker, UPS, Printers etc are peripheral devices that can be connected to a desktop to add more functionality and reliability to it.

But with the popularity of Personal computers growing at an amazing pace, there was much demand for portability of computers because many people would like to have their digital data and data processors to be with them wherever they are. Also the problem of desktops failing to operate at times of power outage was having an adverse effect on many users who would like to be on their computer screens on a nonstop basis. This scenario paved the way for the introduction of the world’s first Laptop or Notebook PC by Toshiba.

Notebooks were a replacement for bulky home computers as they were of a much smaller design with the screen an keyboard pinned to each other in a single unit and other components such as mouse or track pad as they are known in Laptops, USB ports, LAN slots, speakers, etc were all neatly integrated into the small casing. Laptops used much smaller hardware components as compared o desktop computers such as smaller sized RAM’s, Hardisks, Circuit boards, etc and also carried a rechargeable battery which was its primary source of power. The smaller hardware was initially a big blow to laptops as they were low on performance as compared to desktops but today Laptops are more powerful than desktops even with the smaller hardware. This is mainly courtesy of the rise of technology mainly the miniaturisation of powerful processors.

The main drawback of Notebooks ever since they were introduced was its price quotient. Notebooks are always expensive as compared to desktops with the similar hardware configuration.

So portability does come at a price and with more laptop variants such as Netbooks and Tablet PC’s starting to take centre stage perhaps we can expect big surprises in future.


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