Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. In the years before, most of ebook published were in PDF format. However, with the coming of digital ebook reader, the most famous ones are Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Apple iPad, the market share of PDF publishing is gradually dropping, because it is can’t not be read well on eReader. On the contrast, EPUB is becoming more poplar among the digital publishing.

The EPUB format is an open eBook format recommended by The International Digital Publishing Forum. It is essentially a ZIP format. If you change its extension “.Epub” to “.zip”, the EPUB file becomes a true ZIP file which can be unzipped.

EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device used by the reader of the EPUB-formatted book. The format is meant to function as a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, as well as for distribution and sale.

Here is a step by step guide on how to convert pdf ebook to epub with free pdf to epub converter-Calibre.

Download the Calibre installer for your operating system, and install as normal.  Calibre works on recent versions of Windows, OS X, and Linux. The Calibre installer is very streamlined, so the install process was quite quick.

Calibre is a great application for organizing your eBooks. It can automatically sort your books by their metadata, and even display their covers in a Coverflow-style viewer.

To add an eBook to your library, simply drag-and-drop the file into the Calibre window, or click Add books at the top.  Here you can choose to add all the books from a folder and more. Calibre will then add the book(s) to your library, import the associated metadata, and organize them in the catalog.

Once you’ve imported your books into Calibre, it’s time to convert them to the format you want. Select the book or books you want to convert, and click Convert E-books.

Click Ok when you’ve finished choosing your settings and Calibre will convert the book. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the PDF.  If the conversion seems to be taking too long, you can click Show job details for more information on the progress.

Now, back in the main Calibri window, select your book and save it to disk. You can choose to save only the EPUB format, or you can select Save to disk to save all formats of the book to your computer.

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Nokias latest in its high end smart phone series is the Nokia N97. It is the first N series phone having a touch screen. Also having a storage of 32 GB, Nokia maps, a 5 megapixel camera, Music service and lot of other exciting features, this phone is proving to be a smart opponent to Apples latest release which is the iPhone 3GS. Their specifications are mostly identical including their dimensions too.

Just like the Apple iPhone 3GS, on the Nokia N97, you just have to simply touch the screen and move it in the direction where you want to scroll it. However in the Nokia N97, one feature that is missing is the pinch which is used for shrinking and enlarging the screen. The major difference between the iphone and the nokia n97 is the fact that the apple iPhone is designed with the absence of a keyboard while on the other hand the Nokia N97 has been designed with added touch features to the keyboard device. This has a deep implication for the users experience. And mostly the iPhone succeeds in a better way than a Nokia N97.
Unlike all the previous nokia N series phones, the N 97s home screen can easily be customized with different widgets which allows the user to see the different types of information like the weather, emails received, friends status or the summary of the users facebook account and all this works with the touch screen too. When we compare both the phones springboard, Nokia has an entirely different approach. Its home screen gives a lot of useful information on the deck while the iPhone has focused on an easy access to its applications and they are easier to use as compared to the N97 as its applications are hidden two folds away from the main screen. The iPhone is highly optimized for filing, reading, forwarding and deleting the emails that also makes it an overall smooth experience. One major improvement which is required in the N97 emails is the auto-correct feature which will allow spelling mistakes to be corrected more easily.

The N97 has a 5 megapixel camera and a dual LED flash which is as good as todays any snapshot cameras. The digital zoom of the N97 is pretty good too as compared to the iphone. Both iPhone as well as the N97 comes preloaded with the mapping software, the ability to plot a route ad a compass. Browsing the web is mostly equivalent on both the phones. The N97 browser and the Safari on the Apple iPhone 3GS, are both equipped with a webkit browsers, meaning that they both can render the pages almost identically. However, iPhone has an edge because of its multi-touch pinch gesture which makes it easy to read and display the pages on the iphone.

Talking about the music feature, iphone has always had an edge, however, the N97 has also very good music features. The playback application the N97 is not as fine as in the iPhone. As for battery, Nokia N97 is surely a winner as compared to the iphones bad power consumption. The Apple iphone 3GS as the screen dimensions of 480×320 while the n97 wins with the dimensions of 640×360.

In the end we can say that the N97 is a little less polished than the Apple iphone and that iphones experience is more simply integrated overall than the Nokia N97. But both the handsets have their own benefits, pros and cons. If you want to own one of these handsets, you can purchase Nokia N97 deals, N97 Mini deals or Apple iPhone 3GS deals in UK which are available with various lucrative mobile phone offers in UK offered by many reputed mobile phone retailers.

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Apple mobile gadgets have mesmerized everyone’s hearts. These multi- featured gadgets are what everyone desires to own. Its latest production Iphone 4S has once again broken all the records and there lies a huge crowd all over the world wishing to get hold of this tiny handy gadget. With cheap Iphone 4S Deals, you may easily acquire this amazing mobile set without hampering your budget. Contract deals, pay as you go deals and SIM Free deals are some of the mobile deals that prove out to be the best ways in procuring the handset of your choice. Coupled with the services of almost all the apex mobile network service providers, these deals are greatly cost- effective in nature. Reliable services of Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Orange, T Mobile or Three Mobile are some of the most apex network providers that offer you their uninterrupted and authentic network services as a part of these cheap mobile phone deals.

With Iphone 4S Contract Deals, you may get to avail this admirable mobile set at a comparatively cheaper price than the original market value of the mobile set. The deal requires the customers to sign an agreement of a particular tenure with customer’s selected network provider. Also, the deal is based on monthly mode of mobile bill payment procedure. Being a contractual mobile phone deal, it does not allow the customers to flip to the services of any other mobile network service provider. Contract deal is the most convenient means to help you acquire the mobile gadget of your choice at reasonable terms.

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