Computer technology just like other technologies has developed overtime and has also influenced our lives in different ways.  The research in human-computers interaction has been very successful and has influenced the computing system all over the world.  When we compare the evolution of computer technology and the several inventions that has taken place, it is evident that this industry is growing very fast and at a very high speed. This has been attributed to different challenges that have been faced by the players in this industry.  Information technology often shortens as IT is the common term that is commonly used to refer to the entire computer industry. It involves the use computers and software in the to mange information. However different companies use different terms to mean computer technology with some companies using terms like management information systems.

The history of information technology is very interesting. This can be traced from the time when a department of information technology used a single computer operator especially for data storage to the modern time with complex communication between computers across the world. For business people, this has altered the business field in which the business field has been level and most businesses and customers are able to communicate freely despite time and location (Schwabach 2006 p87).

The major players in this field are always in constant research in order to come up with the most current products for the competitive market. This is because this industry has become the backbone of the development of all the other industry. Information technology and computers are mandatory requirements for all the organizations in the current business world (Schwabach 2006 p87). However, players in this industry still experience major challenges with regard to piracy and conspiracy of most of their products. Major players which include Microsoft international, Toshiba, Acer, Compaq, Dell, and Hp among other players have not been able to control this illegal act despite their worldwide operations.

Computer technology industry is majorly concerned in the facilitation of communication, data storage, data processing and data delivery to the right people at the right time. This function is essential to every organization that is involved in business activities across the world. Currently, there is intense competition in this industry and the major player, Microsoft international is no longer enjoying the monopoly power that it used to enjoy before. However, this has led to the reduction in the cost of different products if compared to the past. This has also been attributed to partly by the advancement in the technology as well as due to the upcoming new products.

Computer technology has also been popular across the world and the field of expertise has been developed to a new level. Professionals in this field are many and the services that called for highly trained professionals can now be handled by ordinary people due to the production of computer programs that are user friendly (Geisst 2006 p.28). The availability of computers and the reduction in the cost of computers as well as training has also contributed to exposure IT by almost everybody unlike in the past when computers were for the rich and the middle income earners. Many individuals have become IT professionals are now helping in the executing different tasks like, computer networking and information processing, data management, data base and software design, engineering of computer hardware as well as the administration and management of the entire systems at affordable cost. One of the companies the major player in this industry is the Microsoft Corporation which has also transformed this industry at a great deal.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is a multinational company that is located in Redmond, Washington in the United States of America. Microsoft is a company that has world wide business operations and supports the computing industry in licensing, manufacturing and supporting a wide range of product and services in this industry. Through its product division, Microsoft Corporation consists of a variety of products that includes both services as well as tangible products. Microsoft was constituted I the United States of America on 4th April 1975 with the major objective of developing and selling BASIC interpreters mainly for Altair 8800. However, Microsoft has since dominated the operating system market by developing different products which it has dominated do date. Microsoft home computer operating systems are the most and the commonly used operating in different parts of the world. It has also dominated the office suite with the popular Microsoft office, recently ventured into the video game industry with the introduction of Xbox as well as in the electronics when they introduced Zune into the market (Shelly 2008 p.56). However, Microsoft Corporation has been criticised that it has for a long time used its monopolistic practices in business which they claimed included anticompetitive strategies. The European commission as well as the department of justice in the U.S. also confirmed that they violated the antitrust laws.

Product division

Microsoft Corporation offers a wide range of products into the markets both in the United States and internationally in other countries. These products include Server and tools, windows and windows live division as well as online services in their company clients section. These include a variety of server products, web application programs, software distribution, path management as well as software inventory (Schwabach 2006 p87). This division also provides consulting services in Information technology such as in the certifications of programs hence help in the development of programs and software by other partners.



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He has the latest phone. He has the newest laptop. He has a tablet device that makes other jealous. He’s got a really big TV, too. He loves his gadgets, but he has everything! What do you do in this scenario, and how do you make sure that the man who has everything still receives something that he needs? There are a few tricks of the trade that will keep him surprised and entertained. Really!

1. Accessorise his existing gadgets

Any gadget-obsessed man is already going to have all of the latest technology in his home, whether that means the latest computer, phone, tablet, or television. But he may not have the best accessories for those items. When you’re constantly keeping up with rapidly-changing technology, it’s easy to eschew phone cases, covers, and cables, in favour of having the latest version of a product.

This gives you a very easy buying opportunity: buy him a case for that new phone. Buy him a cover for that new tablet. What about a fancy universal remote for his new television? You know he loves his products, so show him that you care about his gadget-obsessed ways by ensuring his favourite items are well-protected and even enhanced by the accessories you purchase.

2. Go big or go home

It’s true that your gadget-obsessed man might have the world’s biggest and newest high definition television, but does he have the most current of home entertainment systems? In a world that is dominated by multiple portable devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods, gaming consoles like the Wii and PlayStation, and personal computers, home entertainment systems have gotten increasingly complex.

Find a system that helps to integrate his various devices into one central location, giving him the option of listening to music on his fancy television, or watching his favourite TV shows on his portable music player. If there’s one thing the gadget-obsessed man appreciates, it’s convergence.

3. High fidelity

When in doubt, go hi fi. That’s short for “high fidelity,” and it means a set of speakers that are ready for the big time: booming cinematic base, amazing concert-style surround sound, and faux-stadium cheers from all angles. You’ll enhance his enjoyment of sport, his love of his music collection, and his extensive collection of movies all at once. And you’ll benefit, too: haven’t you always wanted to watch your favourite movie in cinematic surround sound without leaving the house?

No matter which avenue you choose, there is one universal truth: your gadget-obsessed man will never need you to buy him a new gadget. He’ll do that for himself. What he needs is a little help with the finer things in life: protecting his investments, bringing them all together in a central location, and enhancing their built-in features with third-party tools.

For all your tech shopping needs, shop online safely and securely. Most of your favourite Australian and international brands now have online stores for you to browse and buy the latest gadgets, technology and home entertainment systems with just a few easy clicks!

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There are various advanced technologies flooding the television market. LED, LCD, plasma, 3D TV – the list seems to be growing all the time– and each new model more expensive than the last. You may think it an impossible task to acquire a plasma TV, for instance, with its hefty price tag. There is a way out – temporarily at least – renting a plasma TV for a short period just to try out the experience and find out if it is worth the cost.


With the wide array of stunning choices available, comes confusion. Which kind of technology to choose? If you have been considering buying or renting a plasma TV, here is some information that will be useful.

Although you can still purchase the old-fashioned, bulky cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV sets, most people choose to go for displays that incorporate the latest advances that technology has to offer. Renting a plasma TV or buying one is one such option.

The conventional TV sets we all grew up with use the cathode ray tube. In this, a cathode gun shoots electrons which form a picture on a glass screen. These images are formed from tiny dots called pixels in the three primary colors, which combine to give thousands of colors. While this type of equipment has developed over the last few decades, cathode ray tube technology still suffers from many restrictions.

CRTs are bulky, have a limited image size and are restricted to the outer casing into which they are fitted. This makes them very space consuming and they require special stands. Both of these factors make them an inelegant display solution, for both living rooms and for businesses.

Plasma screens, on the other hand, offer a sleek, slim alternative in a variety of sizes, greater viewing angles, more vivid colors and are space saving – many of them can be hung on your wall.

Plasma screens use the ability to maneuver and manage the movement of atomic particles. This contributes to enhance the television viewer’s experience. Plasma is a gas with free flowing electrons and ions. When electricity passes through plasma, photons are released, providing light. The photons are used to project images by generating the primary colors. Like the old CRT technology, plasma displays also use varying intensity of illumination to generate different colors. They however offer a much greater number of colors.

Plasma TV screens remove the disadvantages of the traditional CRT television sets. On the one hand, size is no more a big constraint. The bulky outer casings are also not necessary as plasma TV screens are thin and sleek and can be mounted on a living room wall like a work of art.

If you would like to try a glossy new plasma TV before you decide to purchase one, go for renting a plasma TV from a reliable rental company. Hire one over a short period, hang it on your wall and enjoy the experience. If you like it, you can always go for a plasma TV purchase later.

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